Oil Thermostat

Highly recommended upgrade

The BMW E-series N54 and N55 engines are no strangers to oil cooling problems, that's why we developed the MSL Oil Thermostat. A highly recommended upgrade for N54, N55 and S55 engines, especially when they’re tuned. Instead of opening at 105℃, the MSL Oil Thermostat opens at 85℃ which results in an operational oil temperature 20℃ lower than OEM. This ensures that the E-series models equipped with N54 and N55 engines stay cool, even during heated conditions.

The MSL Oil Thermostat allows the engine to reach operating temperature in the same time as a stock thermostat. Exact temperatures can differ slightly depending on engine type. The MSL Oil Thermostat is beautifully designed and made out of a solid block of high-grade aluminium at our own facility. 

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