M550i tuned with iTronic

22 December 2017

Mosselman Turbo Systems has succeeded in tuning the new M550i.

Software programming (chip tuning) is not possible with the BMW G-series, but our iTronic engine controller proves with rock hard figures that it can be done differently. The iTronic is a 'plug and play' module that will add *35 to 75 horsepower to the stock performance of your BMW or Mini, and operates alongside the ECU of the car. In addition to the usual sensors, the iTronic module also receives information via the CAN bus connection, including speed and throttle position, which enables the strong processor to make fast adjustments. The result: maximum performance at every speed and interference free.

Besides the proven performance boost on our dyno, the iTronic also has additional features:

  • Switching the iTronic on or off via steering wheel
  • Control the exhaust valve via steering wheel (regardless of BMW performance setting)
  • Give a needle swipe when starting
  • A boost meter in the ring around the odometer
  • Deactivate Start / Stop system
  • Catless downpipe (stage 2)
  • Water/Methanol injection (stage 2)

The iTronic can be installed in all BMW F and G-series, offers proven performance and is guaranteed fault-free. Nice side effect: the module is plug and play, so can be removed at any time and is not visible in the software of the car. iTronic: The next level of intelligent engine control.

*Depending on your engine type, stage 1 will add around 5 to 75 horsepower to your car's stock performance and it will do so safely.