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Mark Hendrikx - Automotive engineer at Mosselman

Expert's advice:

The Evolution Line exhaust system will propel the BMW M240i to the next step of performance tuning due to an increase in torque and power. Impeccably designed to fit perfectly within the lines of the car, this austenitic stainless steel system is finished with hand-crafted carbon-fiber tailpipes to increase the visual impact. Exhaust fits also on vehicles with X-drive.

Please be aware that Evolution Line Pipe Set also have to be ordered! The system is split into 2 products because of packaging issues.

Important note:
This system does not fit on vehicles equipped with Otto particulate filter (OPF).

Mark Hendrikx - Automotive engineer at Mosselman



Designed to increase power and torque, while also reducing weight

  • Exhaust gases flow
    It has a layout incorporating two central link pipes to replace the stock
    single version, designed for optimum flow of the exhaust gases. 
  • Sound
    A dual-mode ECU-controlled valve manages the sound levels, which ultimately delivers a
    deep and fulfilling sporty note as the revs rise.
  • EC compliant and Plug-and-Play
    EC-compliant and easy to install, the Evolution Line system is a perfect accompaniment
    to an already spectacular car.

MOSSELMAN tuning experiences

  • Anders M.

    With Mosselmans' performance package I exceeded even more than the company advertised on their website! The information sharing process was easy and hassle-free. Excellent customer service from Leon and his team!

    Anders M.

  • Thom H.

    Mosselman tuned my BMW 318d today. What a result, it became a completely different car! Very professional company and friendly staff. This was my second car here and again they have exceeded my expectations. Thanks!

    Thom H.

  • Rob M.

    Very happy with my improved car, the car reacts better on the throttle and is very direct. Also, the exhaust sounds better!

    Rob M.

  • Bas H.

    Visited Mosselman on May 24th for the chip tuning of my 135i, great result! The adjustment is great, when will you post the photo on FB :)?

    Bas H.

  • Romke B.

    After 1,5 years still very happy with my iTronic. By far the best upgrade I could have done with my BMW 340i.

    Romke B.

Technical details

  Unit Stock Akrapovic Max Gain
Maximum power kW
HP (m)
HP (i)
260.6 / 5900 rpm
354.3 / 5900 rpm
349.4 / 5900 rpm
264.5 / 5650 rpm
359.6 / 5650 rpm
354.7 / 5650 rpm
+ 4.8 / 5500 rpm
+ 6.5 / 5500 rpm
+ 6.4 / 5500 rpm 
Maximum torque Nm
548.9 / 2300 rpm
404.8 / 2300 rpm
557.7 / 2300 rpm
411.3 / 2300 rpm
+ 12.6 / 3000 rpm
+ 9.3 / 3000 rpm
Weight kg
- 0.7
- 1.6
- 3.3
Installation time min   150