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Mark Hendrikx - Automotive engineer at Mosselman

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Looking for more than just chiptuning? Our MSL Turbocharger for the N54 engine offers a huge boost in performance. By increasing the airflow and reducing backpressure, these turbos increase performance levels significantly without sacrificing reliability. To ensure maximum compatibility, they’re based on OEM quality turbos, but with several components of our own design to ensure the highest quality and reliability.

Mark Hendrikx - Automotive engineer at Mosselman

Performance gains per stage

For your BMW 335i E90 N54 306hp

Series stock performance: 306hp | 400Nm | 225kW* * based on manufacturer supplied data

Chiptuning, BMW Exx N54

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BMW 335i E90 N54 TUNING.

Tuning a car is a delicate thing. Whether it’s an ECU remap, a new turbo or a full-on stage three tuning, you need to make sure each component is working at optimal efficiency under careful supervision of a sufficiently smart engine management system. After all, you’re looking to create a symphony and that’s hard to do when one of the instruments is off. That’s why all of our products are designed and built in-house. Professional tuning requires a steady hand and we want to be solely responsible for getting the most out of your car.

Because most modern engines are heavily restricted due to emission regulations, an ECU remap or installation of an engine control unit is always the first step towards unlocking the performance your BMW or Mini is capable of. However, as our name implies, we do have upgraded turbos, should you be in the market for one. In addition, Mosselman Turbo Systems offers more efficient intake and exhaust systems, oil thermostats, oil coolers, and intercoolers. So if you’re looking for more performance, you’ve come to the right place.

BMW 335i E90 N54 306hp tuning possibilities

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